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My Process

At Haskins & Associates PC, I utilize a unique process developed by HD Vest called the V4 Client Experience. This approach is designed to enable me to offer my clients ongoing personalized financial and tax services through four integrated steps.

Step 1: Review Taxes

I believe it is important to begin with the element that makes my practice unique: taxes. I can provide clients with a customized report that shows potential blind spots and identifies opportunities based on their most recent tax return data. This not only provides a unique perspective but also paints a clear financial picture by integrating taxes with investments and financial services.

Step 2: Prioritize Goals

In the second step, I define the wealth management issues through a guided conversation to prioritize the issues that are most meaningful to the client. In defining the 8 Wealth Management Issues®, I provide a roadmap for clients, which may help reduce uncertainty.

Step 3: Develop a Strategy

The third step is dedicated to developing an investment plan tailored to the client’s unique situation, including their goals and risk tolerance. Once I have outlined their priorities, I create a plan around them using a proprietary planning tool. This tool allows me to monitor the client’s progress along the way and make modifications as new circumstances arise.

Step 4: Monitor

Today’s financial landscape can be complex, but through a disciplined approach, I can adapt a client’s strategy to changing conditions that arise, while still working to ensure the initial objectives are maintained over time. Using this proven process allows me to provide clients with a repeatable experience every year, starting with their Form 1040 tax data.

I utilize this process because the needs of successful business owners and professionals are constantly evolving, and they deserve a flexible strategy that can adjust when needed. Let’s start identifying your goals and planning for your future. It all starts with an evaluation of your tax return. Contact me today to get started.


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